At Café Levanto Factories , coffee is harvested directly from the exotic coffee crops from around the globe because only the finest beans can provide the most aromatic and delicious coffee experience . Once roasted to perfection and ground it goes instantly to fresh preserving packaging , using "bi-Nitrogeninert" and the one way degassing valve which is the most advanced pack raging technology , to retain the rich aroma and taste ensuring its authenticity and unique flavour until it is opened .

Our World in a Cup

Company Data

LEVANTO passion for coffee has grown, now covering all the industry related technologies thanks to its expertise built up over the years.The Company boasts a range of products: its technological know-how enables the Group to satisfy an evolving market in terms of the best extraction solutions.Keeping up with a continuously evolving market, LEVANTO has introduced new process and product quality standards, raising its qualty control levels. Constantly improving coffee miztures, investing in production processes and its supply chain, optimizing roasting curves in R&D labs, setting quality standards higher and ensuring aroma consistency.

Our coffee is a pleasure that can be tasted also through our “private label” service. Thanks to LEVANTO expertise, gained working alingside many local and inaternational customers, the Company is a trustworthy partner able to manage private label projects either for supermarket channels and for roaster.The substantial presence within various market segmentsis the fruit of our experience and knowledgeable understanding of diverse tastes and needs of consumers and professionals partners around the world. The group’s brand portfolio is designed to offer a range of blends to abroad segmen of the market: tailor made solutions designed to suit household or professional market tastes and needs.

A Passion widely recognised

LEVANTO continuos strive to investing in and developing brand new technological solution has been awarded by all of its national and international clients. Only in Italy,our company serve more than 10 mass retail channel operators (including Lidl, Auchan, Eurospin, In’s Mercato, Selex and Coop). This trust has also been granted by all of our international clients,either supermarkets or roasters,which refer to us both for direct selling or for private label deals. .

A Passion Renowned and Certified